Monday, May 23, 2016

Book Review

Pictures are from my personal documents

Title                   : Cara Gaul Kuasai Grammar Inggris
Author               : Yusup Priyasudiarja
                            A Professional teacher in a reputable English course
ISBN                  : 9786027870291
Publisher           : Kaifa
Date published   : November, 2013
Page                   : 292 Pages

I have been missing this book for a years. I bought this book when i was in a second year of my high school lifeof my senior high school. Every saturday morning, we go to bookstore. I smile at her and ask her if she would like to hold hands. She hold my hand while i was looking an english books. Then ...

i found my method in learning english!
Pictures are from
my personal documents

A really good method for me!
Pictures are from social media

I found this book!
Pictures are from my personal documents

This book teaches me in the easiest way, learning by examples. The way of the writers explain to me its so easy to understand for me. I dont need to memorize the name, the structure, the vocabulary, the conjuction, the pronoun, the semicolon, and even the words. All i have to do just to know what situation that i want to talk about.

For your information, i rather memorize the name of the formulas and the formulas itself. I still confuse whenever i want to make a conversation, what formula that i should use that match with the situation, thats my problem.

But with this boook, i found it!

I found the easiest way!
Now my english is getting better. I ask the examples and the situation instead of the formulas when im going to ask my friend about grammars. It trains me to make sentences easily. This what im want to be honest.
I have captured a one page that interest me 

Pictures are from my personal documents

So, you want to make a english conversation in your daily life but had an expert in memorizing all the formulas and still confuse with it ? Try to read this book.

This one is not from me

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

S h o r t S t o r y


An early morning, i woke up with my brother in the same room. We have a movie-marathon last night, that's a Family Guy on FOX Channel. We like every single episode in this serial television very much. The character its so funny and full of sarcasm especially Peter and Stewie. While we talk about the movies, we heard a sound.
Thats sound familiar ...

(Hunger Pangs)

“Are you hungry?” I asked.

And he said “Of course dude!”

“Have you breakfast already?”

Then he replied “What? We just wake up dude!”

“Chill bro, just kidding. Hmm, did you smell it ?”

His nose gets bigger when he try to sniff, then he said

“Are you thinking what I am thinking?”

“No … Lets go out to the kitchen and have ourselves a breakfast!”
I ran as quick as I could to get a breakfast.

      Just then, I saw my mother cooking a fried rice.

“Mom, I want a chicken porridge, please.”

I complain as my brother said  “Yeah… we often breakfast with fried rice”

She said that “You can breakfast with it or go to morning market for a porridge.
The Porridge usually with a green cart, and the seller had a 'Madura' accent.” Mom tried to explaining the porridge man.

       “Come on, im so hungry dude!” He quickly jump into the motorcycle and yelled out to me.
       “Okay okay on my way, just taking on my jacket!”

        Its nice to rode a motorcycle together in the morning. Its 05.00 AM and we can’t sight the view clearly. Yeah, that’s a fog! I wonder sometimes if fog is just the clouds that couldn’t stand being away from the earth any longer.
        Finally, we arrived at morning market, I can't believe it! That a crowded market even at 05.00 AM. What a rare sight for us! We take a look around the market and looking for the porridge man. Now, its 06.00 AM, the sun came up through the fog. Then, we decided to asking the seller jamu, seller of donut, seller of rames and even the parking man too!

       "Excuse me, did you see a porridge man? He sell a chicken porridge with a green cart and speak with Madura's accent?" They shake their head which mean negative. We were so confusing and didn't know what to do. Shall we go home and have a breakfast with fried rice? Or we move to other morning market? But its too late for us. Now its 06.30 AM and the merchants mostly leave the morning market out.

       "Why not? Lets move out!" He replied tremendously. After that, we moving to the other morning market. After we arrived there, guess what? There is only a donuts and watch seller. The rest had done their job. "What should we do?" Then he said that "I think we better go home because im starving right now. No matter it's a fried rice, satay, even salad! Lets go home!" I wonder the way his mood turns quickly and being angry, just like Hulk! 

        "Mom, im home. Mom. Mommy. Mom, where are you?" We think that mommy is not home, maybe he visit our neighbor because its always a good idea to get to know the neighbors and also the ... 

"Hellooooo, mommy is here with a chicken porridge!" Suddenly she came up.

We shocked and staring each other "Mom, did you said Chicken Porridge? Oh mom we hate you!"

"Yes, why? the porridge man wasn't in morning because it was a fake. I make up a stories just in case too see you trying found socialize with people. Since you had a cellphone, you had become apathy. You feel frustated or embarrased being around people who have something interesting going on in their lives or you avoid them together, you allow yourself to spend a lot of time in front of the TV, you feel very unmotivated. So i lied to you just in case you go out there and socialize with people. I spying on you and saw you talking with other people at morning market. So I go home and make a special chicken porridge for all of you as an achievement.”

My brother started to crying “Mom… im sorry for being apathy, thank you mom for “lying” to me…I just wanna say…”

Mommy start to give a hug “I love you too, I do it for you. What you wanna say?”

He stopped crying and smile “Im hungry mom.”

After that dramatic scene, we eat porridge for the late breakfast together.

Monday, April 11, 2016

M o v i e R e v i e w (Edited Soon)


Rivalry at best!

Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin

       As the first episode of Family Guy's 13th season, Peter launches a daily comic called "For Pete's Sake". Quickly and unsurprisingly, the comic become controversial as Peter jokes about domestic violence. Bricks flying through the window of The Griffin's home, the family quickly takes to the road. 

Welcome to Springfield

Unfortunately, their car is stolen in the gas station and Griffin's find themselves stuck in Springfield which is The Simpsons hometown. Get ready for the crossover!

Finally the crossover!

       At the Kwik-E-Mart, the Griffin's are hypnotized by donuts and saved by Homer Simpson who buys them donuts. The Simpson family is hosting the Griffin's and the most similar characters are paired off to interact with another. 

Bart Simpson and Stewie Griffin do the "prank call"

        In Bart Simpson, Stewie finds another rebel type to look up. But soon Bart doesn't have the dark edge that Stewie does.

Meg Griffin and Lisa Simpson with her Saxofone

        Lisa is presented as an achiever and Meg is shown as someone with very low self-esteem who she wants to help.

Simpson's dog and Brian

        On the other hand, Brian and Simpson's dog is a partner in crime (not really)
He is simply relegated to the kitchen to eat with the Simpson's dog before losing Santa's Little Helper in a side-story.

Lois Griffin and Marge Simpson

        Lois and Marge also get the sort end of the stick story-wise. They just a small footprints on this story because the most part is the Homer and Peter Griffin show.

Home and Peter wash the car

        The two dads try to track down Peter's missing car by throwing a free car wash for stolen cars. Whats the result? They achieve nothing. I want to remind you that the Simpsons creative team did sign off on this.

Celebrate with a beer

       Peter an Homer celebrate their triumph at Moe's, conflict arises when Homer's favored Duff beer and Peter's Pawtucket Pat lead the pair to fight about which "beer" is superior. 


       Quickly moves to a courtroom, where a lawyer for Duff is Peter representative of Pawtucket Pat Ale for copyright while complaining that Pawtucket Pat is a cheap of Duff. The judge is Fred Flinstone who says that both "beers are a rip-off of his favorite beer, Budrock. But, he's still going to rule in favor of Duff.

They fight each other (rare moment)

        You know what? and old man crash Peter in the middle of the street. The oldman who stole the car said that "im naked so i jump to the car" lol. Peter and his family pack to go home. However, before they can leave Springfield, Homer tries to make amends. But Peter told Homer how he's "over the Simpsons, The Simpsons suck!", sparking an eight minute fight between the two main characters.

Review :

        After a long time a decide to review this one, guess what? It became controversial because they think that is not a movie due to the duration of the movie is too short and did not release on cinema. 
        Are they go to cinema for the movie their reviewed ? Well, i don't think so. 
The Marvel vs DC battle is a great but i dont understand why people root for one and root againts the other. The same thing can be said for the The Simpsons / Family Guy rivalry.
        They were famous, both of them have a strong character and can easily matched each other.
  • Peter and Homer, both of them are the main character, the frontman, head of family, and a jobless daddy that always complaining in life.
  • Bart and Stewie, a boys that fully themself with sarcasm in their dialog. Every-single-word they'd spoken could be a quote and they also have a unique voice.
  • Meg and Lisa, a girls who always being ignored by their family. Once they talk, they can't stop. Yes, Meg and Lisa are chatty.
  • Santa's Little Helper and Brian, wise dogs with a lot of sarcasm too. Both of them were closest friends with Homer and Peter too.
  • Lois and Marge, housewifes were very patient and complaining in life too just like their husband.

Monday, April 04, 2016

P o e t r y

T w o - F a c e d

I may not be as funny as Joker
But i know how to keep a smile on your face

I may not be as honest as a prophet
But you know my feeling for you is always real

I may not be as bright as the sun
But i can get you through dark days

I may not be as cool as your boyfriend
But I can threat you like a queen

I crave for simpler things in life
I crave, for simpler things, in life

I crave

For simpler things

In life

Never trust writers, they make up stories.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

P r e f a c e (Deleted Soon)

First at all, give thanks for God's love and grace for us.

Thanks to Allah for helping me and give me chance to start blogging.
And i would like to say thank you to Mr. Rosyid Dodiyanto, M. Hum. as the lecturer that always teaches us and give much knowledge about how to practice English well.

This blog is the one of English task that composed of Creative Writing and created to sharing about creative writing, also contains some example that can help the readers to improve their writing skill.

I realized my blog is not perfect and my english is bad, but i hope it can be useful for us.
Critics and suggestion is needed here to make this blog be better.

Hopefully  as the student in "English Diploma Program of Unsoed" can study more professional by using English as the second language whatever we done. 

Thank you.